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Finally I decided to create the English version of my doll blog http://www.stilettos.pinger.pl/ which was originally written in my native language - Polish. My main interest are 16inch dolls and their original outfits, particulary Tonner's.
Photography and dolls are my biggest passion - so this blog will be the combination of my two most consuming addictions :)
Also I would like this blog to be sort of database of dolls, fashions and accessories I own.

Please remember that all photos - unless noted - are taken by me and are my copyrighted property and can not be used without my permission.

Once in a while please turn a blind eye to my language mistakes and misunderstundings - I'm trying to do my best and any suggestions, advices and comments are most welcome.

I hope you will enjoy reading this doll blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

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