Carrie Kir Royale [2008]

Collection: Regina Wentworth
Year: 2008
Material: Articulated body with vinyl head and saran wig
Dimensions: 16” tall
Body Type: BW
Scuplt: Carrie Chan 
Edition: 300

Outfit: multi-layered dress with rhinestone trim using various textures in a monochromatic theme - a chiffon overskirt with a satin sash conceals a sequined lace underneath; shoes;  pantyhose;

Above photo is the property od TonnerDoll Company, found on TonnerDolls website;

Multi-layered dress in dark red colour is very interesting: you will find fitted skirt in sequined laces under the chiffon overskirt:

I love Tonner's monochromatic outfits, in my opinion he is the master of fabrisc, coulours and textures, they are always perfectly matched.
This whole outfit and the shoes are in the colour of crème de cassis, one of the ingridients of Kir Royale cocktail.

seqiuned lace underneath:

I like this dress, is very girlish and graceful, very fresh and light:

bodice is in red wine satin, with tint pleats on the shoulders; satin bow is embellished in small rhinestones:

hose id red-wine mesh and sweet heels in faux leather:

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