Marley Prep School

Just a reminder that's (un)fortunatley high time to get back to school ;)

Above photo is the property od TonnerDoll Company, found on TonnerDoll website;

Marley is sporting cute school uniform: navy jacket with red trimming and brass buttons, grey flanel pleated skirt, white shirt, checkered little tie, brown loafers, white knee-length socks and John Lennon style glasses;

detalis of the navy school jacket:

John Lennon style glasses:

Marley has her own stand signed with her name:

I like the idea of those mocasines-style shoes but I hate the color which doesn't match the colors used for the rest of the outfit; Marley's brown loafers:

model: Marley Wentworth Prep School (LE1000/2005 Tonner Doll Company)

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