Mei Li Sheer Beauty OF [2003]

This doll is on my wishlist since I can remember.
So far I managed to purchase her outfit, and still hoping that eventually I will have the possibility to own her - Mei Li Sheer Beauty :)

Above photo is the property od TonnerDoll Company, found on TonnerDoll website;

Sheer Beauty outfit consists of "multi-tiered fantasy of ruffled chiffon, the colors of the lilac and lavender blended into an a-line skirt that flared away from the waistline. To complete the look, Mei Li would match the gown with a custom-designed palette for the face in soft, inviting tones. A frothy chiffon wrap created an undeniable mood with the structured, strapless bodice to form an instant classic."

Since I am still waiting for Mei li to complete my collection her gown is modelled by Stella Model.

I like the harmony of this gown - hundreds of tiny ruffles of flared a-line skirt is balanced by simpe and chic strapless bodice:

details of lavender bodice:

details of ruffled flare skirt:

simple classic flip-flop heels in fuchsia chiffon:

I adore this first edition of Stella, love her hair and make-up. In my opinion she's very underestimated by doll collectors.

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  1. I know this post is old but I have a Sheer Beauty mei Li original for sale and many others if you never managed to find her!

    my email is

  2. Did you put the Stella doll's head on a bendy-wrist body? Or does this doll originally come with bending wrists?


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