Sister Dreary [2008]

Above photo is the property od TonnerDoll Company, found on TonnerDoll website;

I owned few of them, and in my opinion the first edition which made appearence in 2008 is the most interesting and intriguing one. I love her face sculpt which is very sophisticated and modern, love her cheekbones and jaw line.
I am in love with the whole Dreary storyline and all fashions which comes with it, it's very Tim Burton which is my thing :) Sis Dreary comes with beautifully executed shirred chiffon black dress with white lace collar and cameo-like brooch, black tights and black lace-up boots.

The details of the dress - pleating and trimming - is stunning:

 black lace-up boots and black opaque tights:

One thing I do not get is the length of the skirt; in my opinion either it should be short (without the chiffon frill) or very long with chiffon train.

cameo-like brooch and white lace collar:

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