Ashleigh Ultimate BJD [2008]

Two Daydreamers' Exclusive Ashleigh Ultimate BJD is one of my fav Tonner's dolls ever. In fact I adore Tonner's BJD's, the way they are executed, the way they gracefully pose and their neverending stylization possibilites. In my opinion they are THE ultimate dolls Tonner ever made regarding thier quality, poseability and workmanship. The only thing I am not so fond of are very simple, basic and uninteresting make-ups. But in general I think Robert Tonner has done fabulous work by creating the BJD dolls which can be at the very fist sight recognized as HIS trademark, his work - the are still Tonners' -  you can't confuse them with any other 16inch fashion BJD's.

Above photo is the property od TonnerDoll Company, found on TonnerDoll website;

I was fortunate enough to purchase my BJD Ashleigh in the secondary market (she was very quickly sold out at Two DayDreamers), so she came without her three wigs and eyelashes. Now she is being repainted by one of well known Polish repainters, soon I will post her updated pics with new face-up, but today - Ashleigh BJD in her original make-up;

Ash wearing white mohair wig, DollMore lavender acrylic eyes and Kit Flirt Fatale dress:

Ash in Sybarite Queen B bustier:

Ash wearing black mohair wig, DollMore brown acrylic eyes:

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