One Lovely Blog Award

My blog has received the "One Lovely Blog Award" from Royalty.Girl !
I want to thank you so much!

The rules for this prize, if you'd like to play along are as follows:

Write a post about this prize, including the photo above and link to the blog which awarded you the prize. Then award it to 15 blogs that you enjoy reading.

My picks for this award are:

1. Michelle - in my little world
2. Syldusia Fashion OOAK For Dolls
3. Miluszkowy Kuferek
4. My darling dolls
5. Fashion Doll Empire
6. ShugaShug
7. 5mates
8. Doll's realm
9. Emilia Couture
10. Fleur de Lys
11. Infidel
12. Royalty.Girl
13. MadameL
14. My Addiction
15. Isabelle Fashion Dolls Studio

Have fun reading and watching :)

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2 komentarze:

  1. Dziękuję Martusiu:) Miluszka

  2. Dear 'Doll Whisperer',
    I am very thrilled you chose my Blog,' ~ infidel' for an award.
    Thank you so much!

    gerri XXX


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