Tyler Capital Investment [2002]

"Proudly admiring the front-page article in her current copy of the Financial Examiner Daily, Tyler Wentworth® read the supporting figures for the "top fashion ventures" which were noted to be the best of the year. In the top five, the House of Wentworth's alliance with Aurora Cosmetics to launch the Wentworth Cosmetics Campaign was projected with the highest yield. This would be great news at her investor meeting this afternoon, indeed. Dressed in a cool, heather gray sweater set with hooded cardigan and sleeveless knit shell, Tyler based her ensemble with a long wrap skirt secured by a solid black belt. With black leather boots and matching handbag, Tyler's ensemble spoke with the same confidence as the financial forecast in her hands."
Above photo is the property od TonnerDoll Company, found on TonnerDoll website;

I adore dolls from older collection, they are superb quality: their make-up is symmetric and precise, the quaity of vinyl, of hair, clothes and accessories are at the highest level.
Lately I managed to purchase some dolls form older collection (thank you, Nick:) )
and was absolutely blown away with their execution and chic.

Tyler Capital Investment is wearing fitted grey sleeveless sweater with black belt, loose grey hooded cardigan, long grey wrap skirt, grey stone earrings, black boots and black handbag:

I love this ensemble, knitting is properly scaled, love the combination of grey and black, it gives a business look but youg and fresh.

black faux leather handbag with silver buckle:

the cardigan has cool hood, and two quite big pocket on the tails:

grey stone-like earrings:

black belt:

sleeveless knit turtleneck shell looks great on her:

long elegant grey skirt in wool-like fabric is made in wrap style:

black leather lace-up boots are actually the most flattering Tonner boots I ever seen - nicely fitted, firm and slim:

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  1. I'm so happy to see that some of Nick's dolls went to a great home! I've been collecting Tyler since the beginning, and this one is a classic! She and Casual Luxury are wonderful together. I wonder if I'll find her in your blog too?? LOL


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