Ava Gardner Dancing with the Star outfit [2009]

Dancing with the Star was issued in 2009, LE 500 in Ava Gardner Collection.
I decided to get only the dress which captivated me with it's ethereal ballerina style.

Above photo is the property od TonnerDoll Company, found on TonnerDoll website;

On my pics below the Dancing with a Star outfit is modelled by Sydney on the Seine;

It turned out that this dress looks so much better when the doll poses sitting ;)
The bodice is fitted perfectly in pale pink laces over gold lamé, the skirt in pale pink organza is very puffy and candyfloss like and in my opinion disturbs a little bit the proportions of doll's silhouette.

peep-toe heels in golden faux leather are fabulous, I love those litte platform soles:

the candyfloss skirt has three layers of fabric: two in pale pink organza and one in gold lamé:

details of the bodice:

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  1. Your pics are absolutely fabulous!!!!

  2. Thank you ^^
    you've made my day :)))

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