Charlotte City Style OF [2006]

City Style line is one of my favourite fashion lines from Wentworth Collection. Three faboulous dolls in fabulous outfits (Kit, Carrie and Charlotte) plus one additional fashion - Cocoa Style issued in 2006. City Style fashion is very elaborated, colours and fabrics are amazing - in my opinion they are exeptionally well composed.

Above photo is the property od TonnerDoll Company, found on TonnerDoll website;

I love casual outfits which contains of lots of separates, I love to mix'n'match piceses of various different ensembles - and City Style outfits are perfect to do so.

Below on my pics the City Style Charlotte outfit is modelled by BJD Tyler;

Pale green tweed coat has oversized fringe collar and 3/4-sleeves:

matching light green pantyhose and faux suede lime green heels:

quite simple faux suede lime green handbag:

underneath: lace blouse with separate micro-sequined vest and lace skirt, garnished with a soutache belt; every piece is in greenish colour, which gives great almost monochromatic look;

details micro-sequined vest and soutache belt:

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