Woman of Passion

I love the fashions and accessories of all Hollywood Legends Collections (Ava Gardner, Bette Davies and Joan Crawford) as for the dolls and their sculpts (although very bold and feminine) they are way too real-looking for my taste, lol! I absolutely prefer the imaginary sculpts like Sydney, Ashley and other girls, but this is only my private opinion.

Joan Crawford Woman of Passion was issued this year and is limited to only 150 pieces worldwide. She is wearing fabulous plum satin form fitting evening gown with multi-layered frothy train in monohromatic laces, ribbons and satin.

Above photo is the property od TonnerDoll Company, found on TonnerDoll website;

I like the fitting form of gown's bodice, with keyhole opening at the front and the beaded satin belt:

 deatils od the plum satin beaded belt:

 the multi layered gown's train:

long earrings in silver and plum rhinestones:

Joan Woman of Passion has two lovely bracelets in silver and plum rhinestones:

small platform heels in faux leather:

the gown is backless

model: Joan Crawford Woman of Passion [2010 Tonner Doll Company]

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2 komentarze:

  1. Ech nieć taka suknię w wersji "ludziowej"... a do tego mieć jeszcze figurę do takiej sukni... bezcenne...
    Pozdrawiam Edi

  2. Suknię to jeszcze mogłabym odpuścić, ale figury to już nie ;) nie miałabym nic a nic przeciwko takiej takii :)


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