Lady G aka Mother Goose: BJD Cinderella [2008]

Lady G aka Mother Goose (she usues Cinderella sculpt) "was the first BJD released under the Tonner imprint. Lady G was a convention gift in 2008 and is limited to only 135 pieces. (...) Lady G is the 'Mother Goose' doll in the Reimagination line of fairy tale characters"

Above photo is the property od TonnerDoll Company, found on TonnerDoll website;

I was fortunate to purchase her at the secondary market (for European collectors this at most times is the one and only way to purchase convent Tonner), fully dressed, with original wig and with additional pair of high heel feet (Lady G was issued with flat feet).

Lady G is wearing funny drindl-inspired dress with white petticoat, blue sheer stockings, striped leggings, fabulous black leather boots wan pointed black hat:

The black leather boots with buckles are to die for, they close at the back with tiny balck zippers, and are the most fabulous Tonner boots I've ever seen, with lots of details and amazing quality:

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