Look of Luxe

Today I want to share pics od Tyler Look of Luxe, doll which was issued almost a decade ago, in 2001, LE 2000. Why such 'oldie'?
I am addicted to the dolls from older collections - I love their outfits, entourage, stylization, stories and overall look. I miss those times when almost all the dolls from Tyler Wentworth collections were stunning and unforgettable. I have an impression that this line which made TonnerDoll famous and worldwide known along with Regina and Voss collections are neglected and little bit forgotten by TonnerDoll. It's a shame because it was Tyler, Sydney and other girls which made me and lots of other people Tonner doll collectors. All this movie stuff and licensing is OK, but I just love fashion dolls :)

 Photo above is the property od TonnerDoll Company, found on TonnerDoll website;

"The appearance of this ensemble on the runway marked one of those pivotal moments that left everyone buzzing at Tyler's 2001 fashion show, Her coat, a sublime mixture of new and daring material combinations over a two-piece cashmere dream, caught the eye of the Tres Chic and Fashion Design Weekly writers and was immediately coined "the look of luxe"; the new standard by which others would emulate. With matching hat and pumps, the ensemble's perfect lines in mocha, cream and burnished gold accents give the look that other combinations can only imitate."

model: Tyler Look of Luxe [LE2000/2001 Tonner Doll Company]

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