absolutely Aspen

In celebration of the first snow (yay!) I am presenting one of my fav outfits - Absolutely Aspen issued in 2003, limited to 2000 pieces worldwide.

"Sydney knows how to travel in style, and on her arrival at her favorite ski resort in Aspen, she had the absolute look of luxury.  An embroidered brushed synthetic suede topcoat trimmed in faux fur was the crowning glory over a sleek striped knit dress of luminous striped colors. Her accessories of matching belt and boots, and coordinating duffle bag exhibited finishing touches for her weekend holiday."
 Photo above is the property od TonnerDoll Company, found on TonnerDoll website;

On my photos the outfit is modelled by fabulous Sydney Mover&Shaker in winter surrounding; I love such snowy, sunny, frosty winter :)

My favourite piece of this ensemble is this amazing embroided green "sheepskin" coat trimmed in faux mink fur which is exectuted amazingly; underneath is sheath knitted striped long dress with chocolate brown belt;

duffle bag in faux dark brown leather and green suede:

details of the embroidery:

dark brown belt in faux leather:

dark brown long lace-up boots

model: Mover & Shaker Sydney Chase in Absolutely Aspen outfit (Tonner Doll Company)

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