Angelina Aqua outfit [LE1500/2005]

"Tyler Wentworth® understands how her designs will work on the runway and chooses the perfect outfit to match the model. Angelina Ruiz wore this burnout chiffon confection, of which the fabric design was based on one of Angelina’s abstract paintings entitled, ‘Aqua.’ The halter top gives way to a flowing skirt of frothy blue and green harmonies, extending into a generous train along the catwalk."

Photo above is the property od TonnerDoll Company, found on TonnerDoll website;

Below on my pics you can see Angelina Aqua's outfit modelled by Emilie NYCB Rehearsal Brunette who looks amazing in this fabulous chiffon gown.

bali blue heels with satin straps:

I like the fabric in which this gown is made, with lots of structure, the colours are very picturesque and deep. The form of this gown is romantic and eatheral and modern at the same time.

earrings and matching in blue beads:

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