Sterling Kagiso

Jac sculpt wasn't ever my fav, frankly speaking was almost at the bottom of all the sculpts of Tonner's dolls. Kagiso changed everything. I fell in love with this doll since I saw her in person. I am not so crazy about her outfit - but the doll herself is absolutely stunning!

Photo above is the property od TonnerDoll Company, found on TonnerDoll website;

Kagiso wears wears a long flare evening gown made of shimmering lace with stunning sequin details and a silver faux leather belt. Gown is made of two layers: white shimmering fabric and white silverish spider-web like lace embroided with tiny sequins and rhinestones: 

the gown is backless and shoulder straps are embroided with rhinestones:

silver brocade mules (hate them):

this silver studded belt is my favourite piece of this entire ensemble;
on the promo cisture this belt looked like a corset, was much wider but in reality it is justa a belt:

long earrings

matching bracelet:

model: Sterling Kagiso (LE500/2008 Tonner Doll Company)

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