Moody Blues [Ellowyne Moody Blues 2009/LE1000]

I look around and take my cues
From broken dreams and MOODY BLUES;

No hope or distraction from the always mundane
One day to another - it's always the same...

model: Ellowyne Wilde Moody Blues [Wilde Imagination]
wearing her original outfit

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6 komentarze:

  1. Ale ona jest śliczna, chyba najładniejsza Ello jaką wdziałam, a sukienka rewelacyjna, od dawna mam chęć uszyć "bombkę", muszę odgapić fason ;)

  2. Love her hair and clothing and of course her Mary Janes ;)

  3. This collection is awesome! Loved your blog!

  4. I always thought Ellowyne looked a little bit too happy for how depressed her "poems" make her sound. It's a teenager thing I guess..

  5. Makarrena: dziękuję za miłe słowa ^^
    Tą sukienusię uwielbiam, wszystkie sukienki Ello i Prudi sa po prostu magiczne, gdybym mogła to kupiłabym je wszystkie :)

    Royalty.Girl: Thank you :) I am fon of this Ello, too. I like the contrast bewteen her raven hair and blue eyes & bubble dress.

    Lady Lolo: You've made my day! Some of those dolla are mine, some belong to my dolly friends - but I love to photograph them all :)))

    Alrunia: Lol! You're absolutley right! I my opinion this is more teenage and fashionable emo thing than real clinical depression ;)

  6. Beautiful photos, Marta!!
    I love this Ellowyne, and color combination of blue and black!

    gerri XXX


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