Platine [Jane Platinum]

model: Fashion Jane Platinum Collector's Club Doll [2007 Tonner Doll Company]
Jane is wearing Portrait Glamour  Dolls Magazine Tonner/Effanbee Retailer Club [2004/LE1000 Tonner]

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3 komentarze:

  1. I think we need to send Tonner a link to your blog, Marta - this is a beautiful, seriously underrated sculpt that needs to return. I think this might convince him!

  2. Thank you so much ^^
    I love Jane's facesculpt - it's so strong and bold, I wish I could see this sculpt in new Tonner's collection!

  3. perfect doll, wonderful.Unfortunately in my country don't sells, but one day i will have my tonner dolls.I'm collector Barbies, please visit my blog and make your comments, i'll be very grateful.


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