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  1. Beautiful! This sums up my love of this particular Kit doll MUCH better than my own photographic efforts did. How did you get the wig to go so that it isn't falling in her eyes?

  2. I like Kit sculpt a lot, especially the first edition with freckles :)
    I was so fed up with this wig that I've put on Kit's head hair net quite tightly and then I hold her 3-5 min. above the pot with boiling water so the steam could do the work. I let it to dry and cool and after few hours removed the hair net - and that was it :) Cruel but effective ;)

  3. Ive just left a comment on your Kit Cocoa Sin post, because I hadn't seen this one. I love the Kit sculpt, one of Tonner's most beautiful. My other favorite is Euphemia--so very unusual and expressive! I seem to favor the less popular sculpts. Good thing, they are easier to fine! Your blog is absolutley fantastic, and your photos are simply stunning! I wish I could comment in your own language; we Americans are terrible about that, we only learn English in school.


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