Antoinette Glowing Muse Cameo

model: Antoinette Glowing Muse Basic Cameo [2010/LE1000 Tonner Doll Company]

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4 komentarze:

  1. Marta, it is time for you to post some bad pictures, because I am running out of compliments to describe your unbelievably beautiful work!

    Every single time I click on the link to bring me to this blog, I am blown away by how great your photos look.

  2. boska.... jak wszystkie Twoje panny *-*

  3. miladyblue: Thank you so much, you've msde my day ^^ I just love to photograph dolls :) I think I just can see/feel the real person who is shining through vinyl or resin :)

  4. a nowy release Tonnerowy na november widzialas ? Tam też sa Antoinetty i Cami.


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