Péché mignon [Stella Model in Guilty Pleasure]

model: Stella [2004 Tonner Doll Company]
Stella is wearing Kit Guilty Pleasure outfit [2009/LE500 Tonner Doll Company]

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5 komentarze:

  1. Oh, Marta, what wonderful pictures of one of my Grails! I have always loved the underrated Stella sculpt, and you have shown her to perfection. Chase Model is not only the first Stella, but the most beautiful as well. Thank you for such lovely pictures of her.

  2. Hello from Spain: Stella is really pretty. The shoes are ideal. Thank you for Such lovely pictures of her. Keep in touch

  3. Uwielbiam ten outfit! Równie mocno jak mold Stelli :) Wspaniale ją zaprezentowałaś!

  4. mildyblue: Thank you so much ^^ I really love this particular Stella, in my opinion she's the most interesting, the most beautiful (as you've said) and also underrated of all Stellas I've ever seen in person.
    I upgraded her body to BW tan and kept her in my (not so big this days) Tonner's collection.

    Marta: Hola :) You are welcome :) Thank you for such a nice comments L)

    Dollypop: To moje ulubiona Stella ze wszystkich jakie miałam (a miałam chyba wszystkie) :) Outfit rzeczywiście ciekawy, szczególnie kolory i niecodzienny krój sukienki. Muszę tylko ostrzec: niesamowicie brudzi ciało lalki, rajstopy zabarwiły na pomarańczowo nogi mojej Stelli i musiałąm dać jej nowe ciało - a znalezienie teraz ciałą BW tan nie jest takie łatwe.

  5. What beautiful pictures! Well, I'm proud to have one of such Stellas and I have never regretted buying her. I also think that this particular Stella is the prettiest and most refined lady, and her gorgeous curls add up a lot to her beauty.
    BTW She looks nice with this new body. ))


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