"The story of Analissa and Gianetto began in the wondrous workshop of the master puppet-maker, Donato Gianelli. One winter, the Grand Duke was to marry his beloved, Catherina. The whole town was joyously preparing gifts for the royal couple, and Donato wanted his gift to be the most beautiful - so he decided to make a pair of marionettes. The dolls were to be his finest work, and after many weeks of carving heads, hands and feet from the strongest wood as well as sewing costumes from the finest fabrics, the pair was ready to have their strings attached. It was just about midnight when Donato finished attaching the strings and handles; and not wanting to tangle the two marionettes together, he placed Analissa and Gianetto down on his worktable alongside one another until the next morning. That night while Donato slept, a cold, enchanted wind blew through a window that he had mistakenly left open, leaving everything covered in a frost that sparkled like crushed diamonds. In the morning, the master woke and went into his workshop to admire his wonderful new creations; but he could not believe his eyes at what he saw! On the table were Analissa and Gianetto attached to a single set of strings that were connected to only one handle. Donato could not understand what had happened. He wondered, "who would have done this?"
The wedding was now only two days away, so he set off quickly to separate the marionettes in time for their presentation. Again he worked until very late into the night; and not wanting this to happen again, he placed Analissa on one table and Gianetto on another. Early the next morning Donato found the marionettes resting on one table together sharing one set of strings and only one handle. It was now one day away from the wedding and Donato was again confused by what had happened. He rushed yet again to separate and restring them. That night Donato decided to stay awake and keep watch in hope he could catch who was doing this to his beautiful marionettes. But alas, Donato fell into a deep sleep by the warmth of the cozy fire. It was morning of the wedding - Donato raced from his chair but could not believe his eyes. "Oh no," cried Donato, "not again! Who joined the two of you together again?" At this point, it was too late to do anything to fix them, so he had no choice but to give them as they were. At the wedding banquet, Donato presented Analissa and Gianetto to the newly married couple. Before he could explain his story, the Grand Duchess rose from her chair and exclaimed, "No one could, or will ever give us a more perfect gift! To have both marionettes strung together serves as a symbol of our love as one." Her voice made the marionettes very happy as they well knew they would never be separated again. And of course, they all lived happily ever after…"

Above photo and description are the property od TonnerDoll Company, found on TonnerDoll website;

model: Analissa The Gift Collection (2008 Tonner Doll Company)

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